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Public transport Porto

All information about (public) transport in Porto, such as the metro, trams, hop on hop off buses and transport to and from Porto airport.

Transport in Porto

1. Metro Porto

metro PortoClick on the map for a larger version of the Porto metro lines

Porto has an excellent network of 6 metro lines, but if you choose a hotel in the center you will probably have limited use of the metro as many Porto attractions are within walking distance. The metro is the most ideal and cheap means of transport to travel with the purple line from the airport to the center (Trindade stop). The metro is also recommended for visiting the FC Porto stadium and the coastal town of Matosinhos. In addition, the metro offers options when you have less mobility for, among others, visiting Vila Nova de Gaia.

  • In broad terms, this means that metros run approximately every 15 minutes between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. (exact times can be found on the official website).
  • View the full metro map with the 6 metro lines.
  • The metro works with reusable Andante Azul tickets. You pay 0.60 euros extra for this rechargeable ticket at your first purchase. Do not throw away your ticket after your metro ride, so that next time you can reload this ticket at the machine.
  • The price of a ticket depends on the number of zones you will cross, with the price of a single journey varying between a Z2 ticket for 1.30 euros and a Z9 ticket for 4.30 euros. At ticket machines and the metro map you can easily read how many zones your terminus is located on.
  • From the airport to the center (Trindade) you need a Z4 ticket (2.15 euros, plus the one-off 0.60 euros for the rechargeable ticket). Read more about all options for transfers from the airport to the city center.
  • You can also purchase Andante 24 tickets. These are tickets that are valid for 24 hours after first use. Again, the price varies depending on the number of zones you want to travel (from a Z2 ticket for 4.70 euros to a Z9 ticket for 15.25 euros).
  • Porto.Card

  • Porto.Card: If you plan to use public transport a lot, the Porto.Card may be interesting. You can choose from a 1, 2, 3 or 4 day card which includes:

This Porto.Card contains the following benefits:

  • Free public transport (metro, STCP buses, CP trains) for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days
  • Entrance to 6 museums (Casa do Infante, Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro, Casa-Museu Marta Ortigão Sampaio, Museu Romântico, Museu do Papel Moeda, Museu do Vinho do Porto)
  • Discount on more than 170 sights, such as museums, monuments, port cellars and cruises on the Douro
  • More info and bookings Porto.Card

2. Old trams

Tram Porto

In Porto you will also see the beautiful old trams of line 1 and line 28. For these trams you need to purchase separate tickets direct from the tram driver (5 euros one way, but it is also included in this deluxe ticket for the hop on hop off bus).

Tram line 1 departs from the quay in the old center (at the Igreja de São Francisco) and tram line 28 at Torre dos Clerigos. Both routes drive to the coastal district of Foz and will end at Passeio Alegre, where you can take a coastal walk. A map with the exact route and times of the old trams can be found here.

3. Hop on Hop off Buses

In Porto there are various providers of Hop on Hop off buses, such as the red citysightseeing buses and the inexpensive buses of Yellow Bus. Both companies operate two (almost identical) routes in the city. For example, Yellow Bus has a historic route with 15 stops through the old center and Vila Nova de Gaia. In addition, there is also the slightly longer castle route with 20 stops that runs all the way to the fortresses on the coast of Foz, SeaLife, Matosinhos and the Serralves museum.

With Yellow Bus you can choose from the following different tickets, which include both routes as standard:
metro Porto
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